Reattaching Teeth with Stem Cells

Tooth loss can affect people from all over the world. Modern dentistry indeed provides numerous alternatives for missing teeth. However, these processes are time-consuming and could be expensive. 


Help in treating tooth loss 

New research proposes that we could reattach teeth with the help of stem cells one day. Individuals lose their teeth in several methods, however, gum disease is a great issue for a lot of them. 

Estimates show that as many as 80% of adults experience from some point of gum disease, which is an extremely serious infection that could eventually result in tooth loss or even death. Other people might lose their teeth due because they undergo trauma. 

New ways to combat tooth loss 

A new study was conducted where researchers removed stem cells from a particular ligament in the mice’s molars. These stem cells were treated in the laboratory and then utilized them on barren molars. As soon as these molars were implanted back to the mice’s empty sockets, they attached back into space eventually. 

Attachment of healthy tooth with stem cells 

In 2 months, those stem cells started to make new connections from the tooth to the bone. The attachments turned out to be a good one and the reattachment was deliberated as successful. 

While the researchers observed the tissue, they could notice that the tooth’s surroundings were new ligament fibers and a substance, known as cementum, that’s another portion of a usual tooth attachment. The attachment would be unsuccessful without the help of stem cells. 

Developing teeth with stem cells 

Previous researches have tried means to grow teeth with the help of stem cells. In another research, researchers utilized scaffolds that are especially tooth-like together with particular growth factors and proteins to develop the bone and draw in stem cells. What’s great here is that this development happened within 9 weeks only. It’s a fresh angle of stem cell research that could provide another possible alternative for those individuals who lost their teeth. 

Moreover, it’s really great since it can attract stem cells that are already within the body of a person instead of needing stem cells injection from a donor. The natural use of the own resources of our bodies and the fast recovery time can make this a specifically great deal for dental treatment when the time comes. 

A dental implant is still a treatment alternative 

Until now, dental implants are still rampant and these are mostly successful. However, a fresh stem cell treatment that uses the own resources of our bodies to rapidly reattach teeth could be an incredible addition when it comes to dental alternatives for those who lose their teeth. Whether it is an athlete or somebody who was in a motor or vehicle accident. Specifically, it can be revolutionary for those who undergo chronic gum disease. 

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